Training of Policymakers and Practitioners in The Use of Research Evidence (PPURE)

The PPURE training program is one of the Centre’s flagship programs. PPURE was initiated in 2018 to train policymakers and practitioners in the use of research evidence with a focus on child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our Practitioners' training program on The Use of Research Evidence (PPURE) is geared at competency-based capacity building for both technical administrators and legislators’ policymakers in using research evidence to inform child-focused policymaking and programming for the improved social well-being of children in Uganda and Africa. We conducted a training needs assessment which informed the development of a curriculum that we used to train Civil Society Organisational leaders and government officials on utilizing research.

My practice is going to incorporate a lot more research; this is something I was not intentionally doing. Learning from researchers who have studied a particular intervention or topic area can inform the work I do so a lot of literature review is what I am going to be up to. I believe I am going to go back on a journey of understanding the interventions and approaches that we are currently using in our work.” – PPURE Training Participant

Thank you, AfriChild for Training, I am grateful and enjoyed it, and I am impressed with the knowledge shared and the new research skills I acquired. I look forward to Attending all the other next research training that will be organized by AfriChild.” – PPURE Training Participant

2. The Inter-University and PPURE Training Programs by the AfriChild Centre