The AfriChild Centre Webinars

Online Seminar Speaker Guide

  • Secure a quiet place with a stable and fast internet connection
  • Number every slide so viewers can refer to the number when they have questions at the end of the talk.
  • To avoid sound and image latency stop any unnecessary running programs on your device - particularly WhatsApp, Skype Face Time and other similar programs that can interrupt.
  • Keep the background normal or, if virtual, not too distracting.
  • Test the Zoom Webinar one or two days before with the host.
  • Log in to the Webinar at least 15 minutes before.
  • Audiences can be large. The Zoom Webinars will have a 1000 people limit. The host will moderate the questions – do not interrupt the seminar or follow the questions unless the host interrupts to clarify something important.
  • The Audience will not be able to speak until the host allows them to (individually), so interference from noise should not be a problem.
  • We recommend keeping the talk in a colloquium style – rather than a seminar full detail style.
  • Help us mobilise: Besides advertising through our usual channels, we encourage the speakers to advertise through their own networks to maximize audience participation.